RLR has worked with Georgia school systems for over 30 years providing attractive, economical, and functional school design solutions. We work closely with our clients to provide unique solutions to their building needs; large and small. Our experienced team has the knowledge required to navigate state funding, code adherence, and permitting requirements. Utilize our experienced team of design professionals to help with your next school project.

In each of the projects below, RLR performed all of the following services; architectural design, mechanical and plumbing engineering, electrical and structural engineering, and civil engineering. Interior design was also performed on these project to varying degrees based on Owner preferences.

Below are some of our featured projects:

Hart County High School College & Career Academy and Competition Gymnasium

The result of an extensive master planning effort, this large school addition provides a vital link for a connected campus with a new college and career academy, media center, and competition gym for Hart County Schools

  • Located in Hartwell, Georgia
  • 115,707 square feet
  • 1,050 FTE
  • 56 Instructional Units

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is a catholic learning environment that educates students with limited economic means for the purpose of preparing these highly motivated individuals to go on to college. Intertwined in this college preparatory curriculum, is a work study program with some of the city's leading businesses. The combination of academic and work studies prepares these students for college and life beyond. RLR is proud to help further the mission of this institution by providing design of an existing multi story complex in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

  • Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 88,100 square feet
  • 1,428 Building occupancy (students, administration, and staff)

Fair Street International Academy

The Fair Street School, established in 1937, continues the tradition of educating the youth of the City of Gainesville with a new facility worthy of the values set by the School Board and the people of the city.

  • Located in Gainesville, Georgia
  • 103,965 square feet
  • 700 FTE
  • 46 Instructional Units

C.B. Watson Primary School

Designed as a smaller 41 instructional unit variant of the very successful RLR learning pod type compact elementary school, C.B. Watson shares all of the features of its larger 60 instructional unit cousins. The school features individual 4 classroom/1 teacher workroom pods with natural lighting and wide corridors which provide a feeling of multiple small schools within a school.

  • Located in Warner Robins, Georgia
  • 81,498 square feet
  • 600 FTE
  • 41 Instructional Units

Gainesville Middle School

Designed as a marquis middle school for the school system, for use by students and community alike, Gainesville Middle School breaks traditional community barriers in this state of the art facility.

  • Located in Gainesville, Georgia
  • 209,446 square feet
  • 1,500 FTE
  • 92 Instructional Units

Dawson County Junior High School

situated in downtown Dawsonville, Georgia, this latest school for Dawson County complements the local architecture of the community while providing a beautiful new learning institution for the county's growing student population.

  • Located in Dawsonville, Georgia
  • 110,595 square feet
  • 750 FTE
  • 48 Instructional Units

Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center

Functioning as a place for teens to spend time on non-school hours in a safe environment, the Elizabeth Correll Teen Center is the "coolest destination in the Golden Isles area for teens to hangout." As a partner in the layout and design of the facility, RLR was instrumental in helping layout the spaces with the teen mentality as a core to the design. RLR saved the Owner over $1 Million in design and construction fees through better efficient design and improved construction methods and materials.

  • 17,900 square feet
  • Facility includes recreational areas, gymnasium, theater, lounge, classrooms, and administration spaces.

Dawson County Performing Arts Center

The Dawson County Performing Arts Center on the campus of Dawson County High School is a beacon for the district with respect to the arts, functioning as a competition facility for choral and drama events, a fully functioning theatrical venue with construction space and classroom space for band, chorus, and art. This center serves the needs of, not just the school district, but the Dawson County community at large.

  • Located in Dawsonville, Georgia
  • 49,465 square feet
  • 1,000 Seat Capacity