Robertson Loia Roof offers a collaborative work environment that relies upon the strength of our fantastic people. Each position within RLR plays a meaningful role in the design and support of our projects. Our model relies upon a comprehensive contribution from each team member and consequently, you won’t find anyone in a monotonous positions at RLR. Reach out to us to learn more about why our average employee has been with RLR for more than 13 years!

Paid Overtime

A very unique benefit is overtime pay. Most design firms have expectations of their employees working over 40 hours each and every week, but here, if projects require overtime, employees are compensated for every additional hour worked.

Wonderful 401(k) Plan

With features like an employer match, programmed with low expense ratio funds, free portfolio guidance, as well as indexed and managed funds in all categories, the 401(k) is a very competitive vehicle for retirement.

Paid Time Off

It is important that our employees have time away from work for personal time. Our employees begin accruing over three weeks of paid time off each year beginning on their very first day of employment.

Health Care Coverage

Employee and family benefits are critical to a well balanced work environment. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve health benefits during our changing times. Each of our full time employees receive a generously funded Health Saving Account, full family health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Flexible Schedule

We value our employees and we value our employees’ families. We realize that things happen outside the office and we are able to provide our employees with the flexibility needed to balance work and family.

Other Perks

Many other benefits are available such as professional registration assistance including licensing fees, educational assistance, compensation for jury duty, worker’s compensation, social security/medicare, unemployment insurance, business casual dress code, as well as an on-site gym, restaurant, and nearby freeway access.