RLR’s diverse group of Architects and Engineers share the common goal of providing high quality and efficient design services. Each project is unique and our objective is to ensure that our clients receive a customized design to suit their specific needs. Our project information management software provides our project managers with the tools needed to control cost and project schedules. Our in-house engineers are dedicated to your project and RLR; because they, too are RLR.

Planning/Construction Administration

Planning ahead and verifying construction are important parts of our service. With proper planning, designs progress smoothly. With good administration, validation and verification are ensured.


At the heart of our services, our architects serve to make our clients’ dreams a reality; whether a school, a residence, or a retail space, the look and feel of any project is the responsibility of our architects.

Civil Engineering

Before the first brick, duct, or pipe is installed, the civil engineer has completed his work and is beginning the task of preparing the site for a new building. Our civil engineers are tuned to the regulations and requirements of getting a project “off the ground”.

Interior Design

Creating an environment for learning, working, and productivity requires skill and creativity. Our interior designers create the all important atmosphere for its occupants.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers perform a vital role in creating energy efficient designs with the latest in lighting and electrical service technologies.

Plumbing Engineering

Our plumbing designers and engineers ensure that systems are code compliant and efficient. Between design and contract administration they are fully aware of making sure that designs are installed properly.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering department takes on the task of conditioning spaces and ensuring that systems are compatible with the Owner’s resources and capabilities.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers create the backbone of our designs. In-house structural engineers do a large part in supporting the efforts of our architects and engineers.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture encompasses the layout and design of the organic exterior of a building and site. Our landscape architects work hand in hand with our civil engineers and our architects to develop the aesthetic features of the facility through the use of organic and inorganic materials.