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RLR’s diverse group of Architects and Engineers share the common goal of providing high quality and efficient consulting services through one point of contact, enabling our clients to transfer more of their work onto us.  Our real-time data management software provides our project managers with the tools needed to control project costs and schedules.

Our internal “consulting” engineers continually develop the constructability of their plans through regular site observations, each time acquiring new knowledge.  This practice, unique to firms with in-house “consultants,” is possible because RLR’s interest is in providing the best product possible, not in hiring the most economical consultants.


8 Disciplines Registered in 27 States
We are currently registered in 27 states and can quickly obtain registration in any state and in any discipline. Architecture, Interior Design, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering contribute to our One-Stop Shop.
Nearly $6 Billion in retail projects / 60 Million SF designed
Our clients benefit from the vast experience that our Architects and Engineers have brought to the drawing board. The projects designed and put in place by RLR over the last 35 years is testament to the skill and commitment that our people put into their work.
Reduce your workload through full service in-house architectural and engineering services
Everyone knows that internal coordination contributes to a high quality product and most owners don’t want to leave that to chance. We take what were once “outside consultants” and bring them in-house to align incentives and to provide you with one convenient schedule.
Teams that have worked together for more than a decade
Our clients benefit from an uncommon depth of cohesion within our teams. It’s rare to find a group of working professionals that have been collaborating and teaming up together for a common goal for more than 12 years, but that is exactly what you will find at RLR. We’re not your typical A&E firm.

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PRESIDENT – Taylor Robertson


CIVIL ENGINEERING – Paul Harrell x118

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