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RLR has worked with Georgia school systems for over 30 years providing attractive, economical, and functional school design solutions. We work closely with our clients to provide unique solutions to their building needs; large and small. Our experienced team has the knowledge required to navigate state funding, code adherence, and permitting requirements. Utilize our experienced team of design professionals to help with your next school project.

K-12 Education Projects

RLR has designed over 60 educational projects totaling $190 million and 1.6 million square feet in just the last three years. From master planning to design and construction administration, we partner with you to ensure that your school system’s goals are met.

K-12 Projects

Higher Education Projects

No project is too big or too small. Utilize our experience working with Georgia’s colleges and universities to help with your next project. Our architects and engineers are ready to help.

Higher Ed Projects

Energy Efficient Schools

Over 40 of our school designs have achieved EPAct certification. By providing them with an efficient building design, these schools are able to save thousands in utility costs each year for the life of their buildings. Combined, these 40 schools provide their school systems with nearly $1.3 million in annual energy saving.

Green Projects


More than 30 school systems have benefited from RLR's services
Many clients select RLR for our efficient designs, but even more select RLR for our ability to assist in numerous aspects of the Capital Outlay process. Our team is able to advise you through your facility planning process so you get the most funding for your construction projects. 
Providing maximum benefit to the students
Build more classrooms, labs, and athletic fields through RLR’s proven designs that are engineered like no other, enabling you to get the most value for your construction dollars.. 
More than $600 Million in Educational Project in Place
Capitalize on our experience, gained through the design of more than 5 million square feet of educational space, and rely on a team where the average tenure is more than 11 years. 
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  • Duane Roof
    Duane Roof

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  • Todd Gilbert
    Todd Gilbert

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  • David Luke
    David Luke

    Educational Specialist
    Industry experience since 1972 Superintendent Emeritus

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  • Taylor Robertson
    Taylor Robertson

    See Taylor 
  • Ana Correa
    Ana Correa

    Architectural Designer. Project Manager. Team member since 2004. LEED AP.

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  • Jingyuan Lu
    Jingyuan Lu

    See Jingyuan 
  • Jessicalia MacFarlane
    Jessicalia MacFarlane

    See Jessicalia 
  • Al McPeters
    Al McPeters

    Structural Engineer/Partner. Team member since 1992. Licensed Engineer in 10 states.

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  • Paul Harrell
    Paul Harrell

    Paul Harrell has been with RLR since 1991 after graduating from Southern Tech in Marietta. He is the civil department head and has worked on all varieties of RLR projects over the years. Paul and his wife Diane are very active at Crabapple First Baptist Church.

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  • Al Secco
    Al Secco

    See Al 
  • Sheila Walker
    Sheila Walker

    I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Computer Information Systems then worked for several years as a Systems Analyst Programmer. I am blessed with a wonderful family, husband and two children, who I treasure spending time with. I am enjoying my career change as Project Coordinator at RLR with all the new challenges and opportunities.

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  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker

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  • Alison Vaughan
    Alison Vaughan

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  • Michael Echols
    Michael Echols

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  • Scott Buchberger
    Scott Buchberger

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  • Nimir Desai
    Nimir Desai

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  • Sue Zhou
    Sue Zhou

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  • Russel Troesken
    Russel Troesken

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  • Juan Ball
    Juan Ball

    See Juan 
  • Kevin Hardy
    Kevin Hardy

    See Kevin 
  • Russ Berndt
    Russ Berndt

    See Russ 
  • Andy Baluch
    Andy Baluch

    Mechanical Department. Mechanical Designer. Team member since 2000.

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  • Blas Mijos
    Blas Mijos

    Electrical Engineer. Industry experience since 2006.

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  • Ted Graves
    Ted Graves

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