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Robertson Loia Roof offers a collaborative work environment that relies upon the strength of our fantastic people. Each position within RLR plays a meaningful role in the design and support of our projects. Our model relies upon a comprehensive contribution from each team member and consequently, you won’t find anyone in a monotonous positions at RLR. Reach out to us to learn more about why our average employee has been with RLR for more than 12 years!

Paid Overtime

If project schedules dictate additional time, we compensate our employees for every additional hour worked.

Incredible 401k Plan

Take advantage of an employer match, programmed with low expense ratio funds, free portfolio guidance, as well as indexed and managed funds in all categories.

Paid Time Off

RLR offers 18 days of paid time off each year that begins accumulating on your very first day of employment. 

Health Coverage

Employee and family benefits are critical to a well balanced work environment. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve health benefits during our changing times. Each of our full time employees receive a generously funded Health Saving Account, full family health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Flexible Schedule

We value our employees and we value our employees’ families. We realize that things happen outside the office and we are able to provide our employees with the flexibility needed to balance work and family.

Other Perks

Many other benefits are available such as professional registration assistance including licensing fees, educational assistance, compensation for jury duty, worker’s compensation, social security/medicare, unemployment insurance, business casual dress code, as well as an on-site gym, restaurant, and nearby freeway access.

Some insight from our team

It’s awesome to work at a firm where you can celebrate cultural diversity and be able to express your opinion freely.

- Nimir Desai

I value the exceptional work environment where you are treated with respect, kindness and consideration.

- Ana Correa

I enjoy working among influential architects and engineers who demonstrate a true passion for what they do. The knowledge, information and enthusiasm they share on each project has such a positive impact and makes me want to thrive in my own personal career goals. 

- Jessicalia McFarlane

I enjoy working in an environment where everyone truly cares about the company’s future, ultimate success and most importantly the employees within. There is a great balance of hard work and flexibility that allows me to excel in my architectural career.

- Gennifer Helus

Working in a multidisciplinary firm helps me, as an Architect, to gain work experience in a more comprehensive way.

- Kamini Anand

I value the focus on quality and honesty before profits. Putting boots on the ground helps improve our design product.

- Russel Troesken

Coming from an MEP only firm, I realize now how much more efficient the architectural coordination is when I can walk 20 steps to sort through an issue face to face. It reduces my stress and now I no longer pull my hair out! 

- Blas Mijos

What architect doesn’t like an engineer’s unsolicited input on his/her project? Jokes aside, I truly enjoy working in a multidisciplinary firm with a great cooperative attitude.

- Juan Ball

If you would like to be a part of the RLR team, please send a resume or portfolio to We look forward to hearing from you!